“All of life is a journey which paths we take, what we look back on, and what we look forward to is up to us. We determine our destination, what kind of road we will take to get there, and how happy we are when we get there.”

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MEDLIFE Peru 1/4/12 Day 5

Today was a sleepy, lazy day. I seriously slept a ridiculous amount today. After only about five hours of sleep since people were partying loudly the night before, I woke up at the usual 5:50am, got ready, and headed down to breakfast. To supplement what they gave us, I also ate a yogurt and mango I bought from the Wong supermarket. I’ve noticed that we go there almost every day. It’s like our daily Wong trip ritual. Haha. Anyway, breakfast was standard, bread, jam, eggs, and ham. Nothing special.

I was so tired that after I finished breakfast, I collapsed on my bed again and just laid there for another 15 minutes before heading downstairs. I wanted to sleep on the bus, but I ended up spending the entire time talking to one of the Berkeley MEDLIFErs. Today I did the doctor station and toothbrushing. The place we went to was really nice. They had nicely maintained buildings and were relatively clean, compared to many of the other places we went to. So once at the doctor’s station, I worked with Marla. She spoke a little bit of English and I understood some Spanish so we were able to communicate tolerably. The patients that came in had a lot of common illnesses: rhinitis, skin infections, colds, etc. There was one woman who came in with a severe UTI. While I was talking to Marla, I told her how I was interested in becoming a pediatrician. She responded in English, “You’re very brave.” I was wondering why she said that until one kid came in screaming and kicking. Okay, maybe I’ll look into another specialty (I’m kidding, I still want to do pediatrics). We pretty much worked nonstop until about noon before we switched stations. But yeah, I felt pretty bad, especially since the sleepiness started to kick in around 10am. I could feel my eyes getting heavier even as she was talking to me. I tried to keep myself awake and it took all of my willpower.

The second station was toothbrushing. Unfortunately since it was the PM shift, there weren’t too many kids left. Fortunately, the station was right by the Wawa Wasi Day Care Center, which I believe is kinda like a national program for daycare. We got to take pictures with the little kids. There was this girl, Ciela, who was about 4 years old. We tossed one of those playpen balls around and we even got to take pictures with her and another ADORABLE little boy. I was satisfied with all the pictures I took. Yay!

We packed up and left. I fell asleep on the bus. I just couldn’t take it. I fell asleep right as we started moving and woke up right when we arrived. 45 minutes of solid sleep. Once we got back to the hostel, there was a 5-person line for the shower, so I took another 40 minutes of sleep. After the nice shower and getting into nice clean clothes and makeup, I had to wait another 10 minutes before the meeting started. So thus, I made the very well-thought out decision to lay on my bed and “rest” for another 10 minutes. I woke up 2 hours later at 6:15, just in time for dinner. I completely slept through the meeting. Oh well.

Anyway, I went to dinner since I was madly starving, which consisted of a tamale as the appetizer and beef and mashed potatoes for dinner. It was strange, since the appetizer was very Peruvian, while the dinner seemed like an American imitation. I think they think that we can’t really handle Peruvian food so they’re trying to give it to us in small amounts haha. We made our daily Wong trip after dinner and then headed back to the hostel.

We headed over water park in Miraflores that night. Basically, it was a bunch of fountains in a really big park. Some of the fountains were just purely for show, while others you could play in. I really wanted to go in, but it was pretty cold and I had already showered. There was one fountain that was basically an arc of red-colored water that we could walk under. My friends and I walked under it and I ended up getting wet when someone decided to splash me T_T anyway, we just walked around for a bit until we met up with the rest of the group by a larger fountain area where they had a light show, similar to fantasmic at Disneyland. It was interesting: there were lots of different geometric shapes and traditional Peruvian dances. It was cool and entertaining. Afterward, we were all so tired we headed back to the hostel and fell asleep fast.